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A Blissful Retreat: Three Hills County Resort Wayanad

Mirka at Three Hills resort

Nestled in the enchanting hills of Wayanad, Three Hills Resort stands as a picturesque escape that seamlessly combines luxury, nature, and tranquility. As we delve into the details that make this resort a haven, let's explore the keywords that define the essence of Three Hills Resort.


Wayanad, a gem in the crown of Kerala, sets the stage for Three Hills County Resort Wayanad. This breathtaking destination is known for its lush landscapes, serene atmosphere, and a perfect blend of modern comfort within the arms of nature.


The Three Hills County Resort Wayanad offers a range of accommodations, from cozy villas to homely homestays, ensuring that every guest finds their ideal abode. The Villas provide a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, offering a haven of relaxation with stunning views of the surrounding hills.

group at Three Hills resort

Swimming Pool:

Beat the tropical March heat at the resort's inviting swimming pool. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Wayanad, taking a refreshing dip in the pool becomes an experience of sheer bliss, enhancing your overall stay aat Three Hills County Resort Wayanad.

Natural Surroundings:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Wayanad's diverse flora and fauna. The resort is strategically located near popular attractions like Munnar, Chikkamagaluru, Madikeri, and Ooty, allowing guests to explore the region's unique charm effortlessly.

camp fire at Three Hills resort

Mountain Shadows Resort:

Adjacent to Three Hills Resort is the renowned Mountain Shadows Resort in Kodagu. The synergy between these two destinations creates a delightful experience for guests seeking to explore both Wayanad and Kodagu seamlessly.

Vythiri Homestay:

For those who prefer a homely experience, the Vythiri Homestay, situated near the resort, offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and hospitality of Wayanad.

Temperature and Best Time to Visit:

March brings pleasant temperatures to Wayanad, making it an ideal time to explore the region. The comfortable climate enhances the overall guest experience, ensuring that every moment spent here is enjoyable.

misty morning at Three Hills resort

Kozhikode and Access:

The resort's proximity to Kozhikode ensures easy accessibility for travelers. Whether you are arriving by air or road, the convenience of reaching the Three Hills County Resort Wayanad from Kozhikode adds to the appeal of this idyllic destination.

peacock, national animal at Three Hills resort


As we conclude our journey through the keywords that define Three Hills Resort Wayanad, it's evident that this retreat offers a perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and accessibility. Whether you seek a serene escape, a dip in the swimming pool, or an exploration of nearby attractions, Three Hills Resort beckons with open arms for an unforgettable experience amidst the hills of Wayanad.

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